Age Beautifully Kit - 14 Day Challenge
Age Beautifully Kit - 14 Day Challenge

Age Beautifully Kit - 14 Day Challenge

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Age Beautifully 14 Day Facial Challenge

- Do you feel like you look older than you are?

- Do you want to minimize the appearance of eye bags?

- Are you looking for a natural way to firm, tone and tighten your face?

- Are you concerned about hidden toxins in your beauty care?

- Are you searching for a Natural Approach to looking and feeling younger?

- Are you confused about where to start?

We can help you! For 25 years AvivSpa has been helping women over the age of 40 look younger, have more energy and increase their self-confidence, with every birthday, NATURALLY!

You don’t need painful injections, unrealistic implants, tucks or invasive surgeries to look years younger!

Join our Age Beautifully 14 Day Facial Challenge Today!

In 14 Days you will:

1)     Look 5-10 Years Younger

2)     Have Radiant, Glowing Skin

3)     Experience More Energy (and sleep better!)

4)     Increased Self Confidence

5)     Lose 3-5 pounds (results may vary)

This challenge is focused on women over the age of 40, however, younger women are welcome. You’re never too young to take care of you!

What you need to be successful in this Challenge:

1)     32 oz Water Bottle

2)     Set aside 15-20 minutes each morning for Spa Kit (we will have a Zoom training session on how to use the kit effectively)

3)     AvivSpa Travel Spa Facial Kit + Free $35 Eye Crème

4)     Schedule 30 minutes exercise daily

5)     Resolve yourself to healthier food choices

6)     Show up daily and DO THE WORK. The results will astound you!

7)     Take a picture BEFORE you start. Take a picture on day 7 & day 14



The Age Beautifully 14-Day Facial Challenge:

We start Saturday, January 1, 2023 with our first group Zoom Call! We’ll go over everything that you’ll need to know to be successful in the 14 Day Challenge.

Zoom Link for our meetings -


My mission is to help you - 'Rest Assured' that you are investing in personal care products that are Safe, Effective and Non-Toxic. Our products help with your skin-confidence as well as current and future health and well-being.

My philosophy is: 'What goes ON your body goes IN your body'! After all, it's a fact - Your skin is your largest organ.

'Discover the Aviv Difference!'™ for yourself, family, friends + our planet.

Take care of the Temple God has blessed you with. Don't Settle for Mediocre - Invest in The BEST! You ARE a Priceless Treasure.

Nurture Your Skin, Nurture Your Life

The Aviv Philosophy

We believe your personal care products should contain natural, sustainable, body and earth-friendly ingredients that allow you to maintain a youthful appearance at every stage of life. 

I have used products from Aviv Spa for several years now and every product I add to my repertoire has been fantastic! I have used everything from the concrete feet to the Lavender Lovers High Magnesium Oil, which is my current favorite(it’s getting rid of my under eye bags). The products are fantastic and I am always confident that they will not harm me or our environment in any way.

Kimberly Marsh

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